Chino Kafū

As her Grandfather, he is very kind with Chino and often offers her advice or keeps her company. She is one of the only characters aware that his spirit is within a rabbits body - but she doesn't mind. They converse fairly often and play games together, and his usual location spot is the top of her head. 


Cocoa Hoto

While Tippy generally knows that Cocoa is a good kid, he is often one to comment on her behavior - like Chino and Rize. He hates the attention she gives him sometimes, since she is too affectionate with him. However, he is happy that Chino has such a good friend, and recalls that Cocoa was the girl to "magically" curse him into having his spirit sealed in a rabbit.



Tippy can barely tolerate Anko - as Anko has a tendency to "play" with Tippy. Either because he knows his true identity or may be attracted to the female body Tippy is stuck in. Tippy tries to keep his distance most of the time.



Tippy doesn't mind it when Aoyama gives him attention, and fondly remembers her from the past. He tries encouraging her when she seems to struggle - but she is unaware its him speaking to her.


Wild Geese

At first, Tippy was alarmed by Wild Geese and kept a distance from him.