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Cocoa HotoEdit

Sharo is one who often gets annoyed or frustrated with Cocoa and her antics. She cares about her like she does her other friends, but is normally the first to criticize her. She also had no problem putting her to sleep by giving her a sleep-inducing drink when the girls paid a visit at the cafe- just to get her to quiet down.

Chino KafūEdit

Sharo treats Chino like a little sister and is very adoring of her. She tends to baby her a little and normally dotes on her as well, but is also respectful of her feelings or decisions so they get along very well.

Chiya UjimatsuEdit

Friends since childhood. She cares for Chiya a great deal but tends to get flustered or upset fairly often due to her lack of boundaries she is willing to cross just to tease her a little. They have a close and deep friendship. 


Rize TedezaEdit

They go to the same school together, but are in different grades. Sharo developed feelings for Rize after she saved her from a delinquent rabbit she often comes across. She often fantasizes about Rize, fawns over her whenever she wears sexy or cute clothing, and gets embarrassed easily in front of her. She has not confessed her feelings to her.


Wild GeeseEdit

The delinquent rabbit that often got near her and seems to like her. Sharo was terrified of him at first- but eventually decides to take him in as her pet rabbit in hopes of dealing with her fears. She continues keeping distance with him.


For some reason, Chiya's rabbit has always seemed to like her; much to her terror. She normally runs away from him or cowers in fright if she can help it. Sometimes however, he can be seen climbing on her or hanging onto her head with her paying him no mind- implying she is starting to get used to him.

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