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Aoyama Slump Mountain
9-Title Screen
青山 スランプマウンテン
Scenario Mio Inoue
Storyboard Yuichi Tanaka
Staging Shōgo Arai
Animation Director Kazumi Fukagawa,Asako Inayashi
Japanese Air Date

June 5th, 2014

Opening Daydream café
Ending Poppin Jump♪
Previous Next
Wet with Pool Water, Wet with Rain, Wet with Tears The Anti-Sister Battle Corps, Also Known As the Chimame Corps
 Aoyama Slump Mountain (青山 スランプマウンテン?) is the ninth episode of Is the Order a Rabbit? anime series.


A flashback reveals a younger Cocoa once meeting Chino's grandfather and seemingly granting his wish to be reborn as a rabbit. Later, Rize attempts to get in touch with her feminine side for the school play and gets advice from Chiya. Later, Aoyama gives up writing and goes through depression after finding out that her Master passed away.  


One autumns day, an elderly man sits down with his pet rabbit at the park. He speaks to her before commenting that life would be much easier if he was a rabbit. He's joined by a little girl who picked up the rabbit and she sits down to hold her. Cocoa, the little girl picks up the scent of coffee from the rabbit and the man is surprised upon realizing that Cocoa heard him speaking. She plays with him by pretending to cast a spell on him so that someday he becomes a rabbit, and her sister calls for her. Cocoa gets up and runs away after saying goodbye, and the male resumes petting Tippy. He comments that he'd hate to become a rabbit like her, since she's so odd looking - but Chino loves her so it isn't that bad.

Chino approaches Cocoa in the Cafe to find her sleeping on an upset Tippy. She hears her speak in her sleep but stays quiet so that she can listen.

Later, the girls do the dishes. Rize recalls that she will need to take some work off soon, and points out that she was asked to lend the Theater Club some help. Cocoa isn't surprised since she's so talented, and Chino thinks about how interesting it is. Rize assures her it isn't anything really soft and cute though, then reveals she was asked to play the role of the heroine from The Phantom of the Opera, Christine. Chino notes how happy she looks - but Rize gets flustered and acts like she isn't. Cocoa ends up teasing her a little before claiming she once played the role of a dog. Rize gets upset by their pestering though, and accidentally breaks a plate before commenting on how hard this role will be for her. Cocoa suggests that Sharo and Chiya would probably be great for ladylike advice, and Cocoa sends a text to her.

Rize arrives and explains that she would like help trying to become ladylike. She has her put on a dress and asks to do her hair, which Rize is initially against but agrees. She is shocked to see how feminine she has become, but realizes the attire looks familiar. With that Chiya asks her to admire the flower. She agrees to it, and asks if there is a reason she had to dress up. Chiya claims it would help her before putting on a pair of glasses, showing a more serious side to herself. Rize claims that it would just be better and quicker if she practiced on fixing her personality. Chiya tells her that it wouldn't help unless she goes the full way though, and Aoyama observes from a nearby table. She compliments Rize as she observes the plant and comments that by attempting to change by using her full strength in such a way she is already showing her a ladylike side to herself. 

Chiya reminds Rize Aoyama was the one who made the movie they went to see. As Rize recalls this, Chiya brings up that sometimes she asks Aoyama for help thinking up menu names. Rize is amazed by how poetic Aoyama sounds while she speaks, and they question if she has been able to get over her own, current predicament.

Meanwhile, Chino and Cocoa discuss whether or not Rize will need to learn to sing and dance for the play. Cocoa gets excited at the idea of performing for customers at the Cafe, then asks Chino if she played any roles in theater. Chino recalls that she played a tree once, then Cocoa suggests they dance around as trees.

Sharo hurries up to get home from school. Rize was in such a hurry to get to Ama Usa, so she was curious as to what it may have been. She steps inside to find the a very scary mask greeting her - which alarms her and she hides in a corner while Anko hides on her head. To try to help her feel better, Chiya reveals that Rize wanted her opinion on becoming refined. Aoyama comments on something once more - causing Sharo to recognize her from the other dat at the Park. She is surprised to learn her true identity and listens to her speak over how to find a good, descriptive way to describe a Waitress.

Cocoa and Chino start to discuss the chance of Rize joining the Theater Club for real. While they would be happy for her, they feel sad at the chance of her not working there any longer. They recall how helpful she normally is, while Cocoa admits to worrying over having to defend the place if she wasn't there. They rush right over to Ama Usa and spot "Rose" inside, unaware that it is Rize. As she interacts with the girls, she pretends not to be Rize while Chiya and Sharo watch with surprise and see just how feminine Rize has suddenly become. "Rose" apologizes for not coming to their Cafe and mentions that she could never forget about her. Rose apologizes and they make small talk before a jealous Cocoa runs back to Rabbit House with a concerned Chino running behind her.

Meanwhile, Aoyama hears someone speak and believes it to be her Master. She looks to the window but doesn't see him. As she looks away, the voice is revealed to belong to Tippy - with Anko chewing and playing with him as he attempts to get free.

Rize comments on how the ladylike image doesn't suit her and decides to just give up the role. The girls, along with Aoyama tell her not to give up just yet since she tried to work so hard up until now, but Rize is starting to feel embarrassed over it. She decides that she should still give it a try though, thanks to their words.

The girls observe the various photographs of Rize in the play and they see her acting like normal. She reveals that from the start, they had wanted to write a script suiting her to begin with. After all the trouble she went through, she decides to get revenge by trying to go for another role. But they beg her not to

A few days later Chino is out walking when a paper airplane lands near her. She reveals that she has quit writing novels, much to Chino's surprise.

Cocoa is running late for work and she finds Aoyama wearing her uniform, which had gone missing again. With someone much older she fears she really has been fired this time - but as it turns out, Aoyama accidentally grabbed the wrong one. Aoyama reveals she decided to quit writing, so Chino explains that she brought her there for the time being. After glancing around, Aoyama questions where the Master of the Cafe is, since she came to see him. They inform her that he passed away, and she claims that she heard him speaking the other day. Cocoa assumes she is hearing things and suggests she cuddles with Tippy. She agrees and notes his scent, but is sad to know that her Master is really gone after all this time. Knowing he won't be there to give her anymore opinions makes her sad.

Chiya and Cocoa discuss Aoyama and how she hasn't been coming to Ama Usa for a while. Cocoa mentions her writing slump before leading her to Rabbit House to reveal she's been running an Advice section in the Cafe. She wanted to try to lend a hand, but this is all she is good at doing. She enjoys listening to people and was inspired by Takahiro and his work. Chiya supports the idea, and Cocoa reveals the booth she made for Chiya, for Palm Reading.

Later, Aoyama admits that nobody wants to speak to her. The Master was always good at listening to others and she had been hoping to become as calming and wise as him. Chiya suggests she tries to dress up a little, but they suggest if she helps further, people may be find her more approachable. Chiya then reveals that she grabbed Sharo, to try to get someone for her to speak to. Aoyama thanks her for coming and gives her a cup of coffee, which Rize assures Sharo is fine since she put it together to make sure it didn't make her "too drunk". It ends up depressing her though, and she spills her guts fairly easily - but gets comforted by Rize. As Aoyama notes this was what she wanted to do, Cocoa hands her a letter saying someone wrote it to her.

Aoyama reads the letter, before deciding to write a reply. Chino takes it and is quick to realize Cocoa wrote the letter, so she attempts to get revenge by claiming to know someone with their own problem. Aoyama seems happy and attempts to write something for the letter when Sharo suddenly asks if it was a good idea to quit writing as easily as she did. She admits that she wants to keep writing, and quickly Rize attempts to get her to reconsider; until Aoyama reveals she hit a slump since hitting her fountain pen. Its special to her because the Master gave it to her. No other pen works  except for that one. Rize agrees with her on this, and she mentions that she had it until the day she met Cocoa some time back.

Outside, Cocoa and the other girls try to find it where they met. Cocoa gets distracted by a rabbit, but Tippy is quick to locate it, having recognized the pen. He picks it up and Chino takes it at his suggestion. Chino speaks to Tippy then, and tells him that he doesn't need to keep it such a secret anymore - and asks that he tells Aoyama to make her feel better.

Aoyama holds her novel and sadly thinks about how he will never get to read her book. To her surprise she suddenly hears a voice and runs up to inform the girls that she heard the Masters voice coming from a stuffed toy. While Cocoa is surprised, Chino points out she grabbed the wrong thing.

Later, Aoyama is able to continue writing. She got into working as a bartender, so she's been helping out a little bit since then. She also revealed her next book to be based on Sharo. While everyone is a bit weirded out when Aoyama mentions Master borrowing Tippy's body, Chino and Tippy show frustration over her not realizing it still.


By order of appearances.
  • Chino's Grandfather
  • Tippy
  • Cocoa
  • Mocha (flashback from the past)
  • Chino
  • Rize
  • Chiya
  • Aoyama
  • Sharo


Is the Order a Rabbit? Bunnisode 9/Gallery


  • In the corner of Aoyama's advice booth is an image of Hello Kitty.

Major EventsEdit

  • Aoyama learns that Chino's Grandfather is dead.


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