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The Girl Dons a Red Coat and Drives a Team of Rabbits Across the Christmas Eve Night Sky
11-Title Screen
Scenario Mio Inoue
Storyboard Shinya Kawatsura
Staging Hiroyuki Tsuchiya
Animation Director Tamotsu Ikeda,Kazuaki Imoto
Japanese Air Date

June 19, 2014

Opening Daydream café
Ending Poppin Jump♪
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The Anti-Sister Battle Corps, Also Known As the Chimame Corps For You, I Can Sleep Late
 The Girl Dons a Red Coat and Drives a Team of Rabbits Across the Christmas Eve Night Sky (少女は赤い外套を纏いウサギを駆りて聖夜の空を行く?) is the eleventh episode of Is the Order a Rabbit? anime series.


With Christmas approaching the girls decide to decorate the Cafe for the Holiday while Cocoa takes it upon herself to play the role of Santa.


With Christmas approaching everyone is out doing their shopping. Cocoa is amazed by the ornamental Christmas Market and they remind her that they need to buy items for the Cafe. Sharo admits that she can understand why she's excited, so they agree to look around after they finish shopping. Chiya asks if they have a Christmas Menu in mind, and Cocoa brings up the fancy pancake they plan to make. Ama Usa will be serving turkey, which for some reason always goes over pretty well. Sharo also has to work on Christmas, and the girls decide they should host a special Christmas Party. But after they point out Chiya and Cocoa both said it at the same time, Chino starts growing uncomfortable - which worsens after Chiya compares them to sisters. It's then Chiya suggests they play secret santa and exchange gifts, they agree and continue looking around. 

First the girls come across a candy store with a bunch of Christmas sweets in the window. They are surprised to learn that Marzipan is actually a bread, made of almonds and sugar. Then they head into another shop to observe Christmas Tree ornaments and decorations. Chiya suggests they decorate Sharo's house when Cocoa gets distracted by a large angel nearby. She then reveals her plan to get Chino a gift, but she has no idea what to get her. Rize picks up a scary-looking plush rabbit, then spots a cute little music box.

After finishing they stop to observe the winter sky. Cocoa joins them a bit later with an "early present" from Santa. She hands each girl one of the marzipan rabbits they were eyeing earlier, then decides to hold the Christmas Party at Rabbit House. They agree with it and Chino asks to invite Megumi and Maya. Cocoa allows it and Chiya warns her to try to calm down a little so that she's able to sleep. With that they decide to buy some snacks from the outdoor stalls and observe some Christmas Lights.

At the Cafe the girls serve their Christmas customers by preparing the special pancakes and drinks. Cocoa is concerned over the others showing up and Rize points out how busy they are at the time. Chino checks to make sure she sent out invitations, then criticizes them once she reads over them.

As Chiya is working, she decides a skit may be fun to include during their party. However, she convinces herself not to do it since Chino and Cocoa are hosting it.

Outside, Sharo is passing out invitations for people to come to Fleur de Lapin. She imagines the various foods and sweets she can enjoy during the party - but starts to panic after imagining herself as the "Little Match Girl".

Later, Megumi and Maya show up, dressed with ornamental hats. They are surprised by how busy the Cafe is, so Chino asks them to wait until later by having a seat. Chino warns Cocoa that they need to continue working, and Chiya joins Maya and Megumi with some Japanese-style sweets for them to enjoy. They offer to grab them something to drink or eat, but they offer ot help them instead, since they're so busy. However, Cocoa distracts them with the pancakes, which they are unable to resist.

Sharo soon arrives and is disappointed at the idea of having to keep working. She's exhausted, but she refuses to just sit around. She starts to order the other girls around and gives them directions, pushing herself to her limits to make sure they work as hard as they can. Cocoa is worn out, but Rize tells her to keep working while Maya and Chino eagerly resume their work to keep up. Megumi comments that since Sharo had started to direct everyone, the work was improving greatly.

In the kitchen, Chiya works on making pancakes when Chino realizes they're out of butter. With many stores closed during the holiday this will be problematic. Chiya claims they can fix it though and shakes up the cream to try to make butter. As this is going on, Megumi has trouble with the cash register, so Cocoa lends her a hand. As work continues, the girls have a great time helping and serving everyone.

Chino takes a moment to observe the customers and her friends before she makes a conversation with Tippy.

After the shop closes and they change, its revealed that Aoyama even showed up to lend them a hand at the bar. She tells the girls to enjoy themselves and they share a drink, with Chino making a toast.

Out back, Aoyama and Takahiro work to finish the food and clean up. Chino's father tells Aoyama to go out and join the girls after she brings out the food, but she decides to make them drinks for all of their hard work. They decide to open their gifts, with Chino getting an ornamental doll, someone getting cookies, another getting rabbit ears, and someone getting the scary rabbit doll.

Later that evening, Cocoa gets up and sneaks through the halls, now dressed in a Santa hat and shawl. She tries to determine what to tell her later when she asks, but as she gets into the room, she stops to observe Chino for a moment. While Chino's dad stands near the door, realizing she got the same idea.

The next morning, Chino awakens to find the presents within the stocking. Not only did she get a cute rabbit music box, but a 3D puzzle she wanted. To her surprise she finds Cocoa nearby, passed out. She takes the music box to the front of the cafe and winds it up as Rize walks inside. She notices the box before observing how happy Chino is. She seems to have an idea as to who did it though, but says no more than how "scatterbrained" he is. Its then Cocoa runs into the room with a present Santa dropped off for her as well, but Cocoa criticizes how scatterbrained she is, leaving her clueless.


By order of appearances.
  • Cocoa
  • Chino
  • Tippy
  • Rize
  • Chiya
  • Sharo
  • Aoyama
  • Megumi
  • Maya


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