I Knew at First Glance That It Was No Ordinary Fluffball
Is the Order a Rabbit - 01 02.11
Hitome de, Jinjō de Nai Mofu Mofu da to Minuita yo
Scenario Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
Storyboard Hiroyuki Hashimoto
Staging Hiroyuki Hashimoto
Animation Director Yosuke Okuda
Japanese Air Date

April 10, 2014

Opening Daydream café
Ending Poppin Jump♪
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← None The Girl Who Loved Wheat and the Girl Who Loved by Azuki Beans
I Knew at First Glance That It Was No Ordinary Fluffball (ひと目で、尋常でないもふもふだと見抜いたよ Hitome de, Jinjō de Nai Mofu Mofu da to Minuita yo?) is the first episode of Is the Order a Rabbit? anime series. The episode premiered on April 10, 2014.


Kokoa Hoto just moved to a town where she discovers that she will live with the cute Chino Kafū, and work in her Family Home, a Cafe. She also befriends Rize Tedeza, a part-timer there. Disappointed that the Cafe is not as rabbit-oriented as she hoped, Kokoa grows curious in the strange pet, a rabbit named Tippy.


Cocoa arrives to her brand new home, but while admiring it's vast beauty and cuteness, she gets lost. She struggles to find the house she will be staying at, and when the map is unable to help, she just decides to continue on her own. She comes across a strange shop with a sign reading "Rabbit House" above it, and steps inside to see a strange girl with something fluffy on the top of her head.

Right away Cocoa begins to search for any sign of a rabbit, but to her disappointment there isn't any. She comments on it, but her strange outburst startles the girl before her. She has Cocoa sit down and brings her a drink before asking what she would like. She introduces her to Tippy, causing Cocoa to demand having him - but the girl comments that he isn't for sale; however, for each cup of coffee, he can be cuddled. Cocoa orders three cups, so the girl runs off to prepare them. She comes back a while later with the three cups, but Cocoa is more interested in cuddling Tippy now. The girl advises Cocoa to drink the coffee before it gets cold, then tells her the correct answers of the coffee flavors as Cocoa attempts to guess them.

Cocoa deems all three of the different coffee blends to taste good, but she is very delighted when she gets to hold Tippy. However, as she keeps clinging to him, he keeps yelling while trying to break free, which doesn't go unnoticed by her. The girl insists that she is only imagining it though, and takes Tippy back.

Cocoa continues to drink her coffee and explains why she is there, admitting that she got lost. The girl asks to know where she will be staying, only to learn that she somehow wound up where she was supposed to go. Cocoa believes this to be fate and formally introduces herself to the girl, who introduces herself as Chino. Chino mentions that she is the grandaughter of the owner, then recalls how she handles all of the housework - which is what Cocoa is supposed to be doing according to the school rules. They also have a lot of help with the Cafe already, so she won't actually have to do anything; which disappoints Cocoa for a moment. She asks to go and meet the owner, but Chino hints that he has since passed on, causing a teary Cocoa to embrace her. She tries to tell her that she lives with her dad, and they have a part-timer, but this goes unnoticed.

Chino decides that they will try to find some work for Cocoa to do, once she insists on being a big sister for her. She brings her to a room with a large closet that she points her out to before going to fetch Cocoa a uniform. Cocoa is excited to hear this, but once Chino leaves she begins to feel strange; as if being watched. She opens the closet to find a girl only dressed in her bra and underwear and assumes she is a thief. The girl responds by aiming a gun at her face and demands to know what she is doing there. As she interrogates her, Chino arrives with the uniform. Cocoa tries to get her to leave, believing the strange girl to be a robber, but the girl is quick to explain that she isn't a thief, and works there part-time. When asked about the gun, she mentions that as her father is a soldier she was trained in many forms of self-defense, and insists that she is a normal girl.

She introduces her to Rize after she finishes changing, and she asks Rize to help teach Cocoa. Cocoa is excited to get started, but panics when Rize demands to be addressed as "sir". With that she brings her to the supply room and she starts by having her carry bags of coffee beans to the kitchen. As Cocoa claims it is too heavy for an average girl, Rize attempts to pretend that she can't lift it either. Cocoa tries to lift a smaller bag, but as she struggles to do so, Rize is able to effortlessly pick up two. She tries to pretend she can only hold one as well, then they head out front.

She shows Cocoa the menu and tells her to memorize it, but Cocoa feels it is pretty difficult due to how many different types of coffee there is. After Rize mentions that she was able to memorize it all, she points out that Chino can identify a coffee by it's scent. While standing behind the counter, Cocoa happens to spot the notebook Chino is holding and questions it. Chino explains that during her breaks she often sneaks in a little bit of her Spring Break homework, and right away Cocoa is able to determine the answers. Rize tests this by asking her the price of some things when added up together, and she manages to get it within a second. Rize is very shocked to learn that Cocoa is unaware of her math skills, but they don't linger on it very long.

A customer suddenly comes in and Cocoa runs up to greet her. She mentions being new and takes the woman's order before she goes to sit down. The girls compliment her customer handling skills as she returns to them. With that they get to work handling a few customers, which goes pretty well; except for an incident after Cocoa bumped into Rize and she took it as a threat. After a customer leaves, Cocoa returns to the counter and asks Chino why they don't wear rabbit ears, as the cafe is called "Rabbit House". Chino claims that by wearing them, it would change the cafe into something different; although Cocoa can't help but think Rize would look cute in the bunny ears anyway. Rize ends up picturing something more graphic though and gets flustered, as does Chino.

With that, she asks why they named the Cafe what they did if there's no obvious rabbit-theme to it, and Rize points out Tippy. Cocoa comments that Tippy doesn't really look like a rabbit though, so Rize asks her what she would call the Cafe. She decides on "Cafe Floofy", but Rize quickly claims the name to be too literal - but to her surprise, Chino likes it.

A while later, Cocoa spots Rize doing something odd with milk and questions it. She explains that a lot of Cafe make latte art in caffe latte, and comments that it is a free service they provide. She shows Cocoa some examples of various other art styles and Cocoa decides that she wishes to try to make one after complimenting them. But before that, she wants to see Rize make another one. She agrees to it, but tells Cocoa that she better remember how to do it. She draws an elaborate image of a tank in the drink, much to Cocoa's shock. But when she continues to compliment her, Rize claims that it isn't a big deal. With that Cocoa makes an attempt at one. However, it doesn't turn out as nice as she hoped it would, and while Rize finds it to be very cute, Cocoa missreads her response as mockery. So Cocoa tells Chino to make one. Chino proceeds to do so and shows them the art she attempted, but it winds up being very abstract and a bit creepy.

Eventually it is going on sunset. The girls change into their normal outfits and discuss Cocoa's living arrangements. Cocoa insists that she and Chino make dinner together, but Chino refuses to let her help, saying she can do it on her own. After they finish, they see Rize off and return to the kitchen, where Chino continues to refuse her help. In hopes of getting her to reconsider, Cocoa shows her some latte art from earlier. Chino is very surprised to see that Cocoa made them to reflect themselves, but just then her father arrives home.

She runs up to him and Tippy hops onto his head before taking off. Chino returns to making dinner and explains that because the Cafe is a bar at night, he works while she makes dinner, so they usually do not eat together. Cocoa thinks it is pretty cool, but she continues to watch Chino as she prepares the stew. She compares the situation to what a pair of sisters may do, and this makes Chino address her the way Cocoa asked her to do earlier, but due to this, Cocoa continues to bother her to try to make her say it again.

Eventually, Chino goes to take a bath when Cocoa interupts. She wishes to take the bath with her and gets in before asking if she can share Chino's bedroom for the night. She really wants to talk about a bunch of things, and her own items haven't arrived yet. Chino stays quiet for a little while before slowly agreeing. Then, she asks Cocoa to be kind to her from now on, implying that she is willing to open to her a little more.

Meanwhile, Rize has just finished her own bath and is in sitting. She talks about what happened throughout her day, but as it turns out she is talking to a stuffed rabbit. She denies being lonely though.

As she helps Chino with her hair, Cocoa asks where Tippy is. Chino explains how he stays with her dad when he is working, which causes her to express disappointment. She then decides that since she can't hold Tippy, she will just hug and cuddle with Chino instead; which earns her a stuffed rabbit to the face.

In the bar, Tippy and Chino's father discuss Cocoa. He mentions how quick she got used to the Cafe, but he claims not to really enjoy the attention she doted on him.

While laying under her blanket, Rize realizes she got an email and to her surprise, sees that it is from Cocoa. She opens it to see the picture of the latte art she made and decides to make it her wallpaper.

Cocoa turns away from the window she was looking out of at the time and puts her phone away. She turns to Chino and expresses how happy she is to be there, and she mentions that she is sure that there will be plenty of fun times now. Chino agrees and asks for them to be good friends from now on.


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Is the Order a Rabbit? Bunnisode 1/Gallery


  • Aoyama makes a cameo appearance in this episode.

Major EventsEdit

  • Kokoa met Chino, and started to live in Chino's house


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