Sneaking Stalking Stalker Story
S2-8-Title Screen
Scenario Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
Storyboard Mitsue Yamazaki
Staging Shōgo Arai
Animation Director Lee Duk Ho,Kim Jeong Eun,Cha Sang Hoon,Yōsuke Aburaya,Rio
Japanese Air Date

November 28th, 2015

Opening No Poi!
Ending Tokimeki Poporon♪
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Sneaking Stalking Stalker Story (スニーキングストーキングストーカーストーリ?) is the eighth episode of Is the Order a Rabbit?? anime series.


Once again Chiya finds herself angry with Cocoa - but Cocoa is unaware as they prepare for school to start up again. Later, each girl starts to stalk the other after she gets curious and observes her stalking someone else; until eventually everyone gets involved.


Sharo has finished ironing her school uniform and waxes poetically while admiring it. She is snapped out of it after Wild Geese grabs one of her shoes and Sharo is startled to find Chiya sadly staring outside of her window. After opening it Sharo asks what she's so upset about, and Chiya claims to have had a fight with Cocoa. Sharo brings her inside for some tea- only to reveal to have drank it herself before commenting that the two of them got along fine during the curry party. Chiya brings up that every year when school starts again the classes change, then recalls an event from recently when she and Cocoa were out walking. She admitted not to looking forward to changing classes- but when Cocoa claimed to be excited she feared this was a sign that she didn't want to be with her anymore. Cocoa was unaware she was upset, even when she attempted to show that.

Sharo isn't very sympathetic at first, pointing out they didn't actually have a fight. But the following day she calls Rize and Chino over to Fleur de Lapin to get their opinions. Chino doesn't mind since she was going to go shopping- but like her they agree it isn't much of a ifght. Chino criticizes Cocoa for being such an airhead and recalls the puzzle she incidentally solved for her that made her angry, while Sharo remarks the both of them are troublemakers. Rize attempts to take a "military" look at it, deeming them the "At-Their-Mercy Corps". Sharo asks for some advice and Rize suggests letting them be, offering to send Cocoa a text to get her to talk to Chiya. It isn't a big deal so she's sure it will clear up soon. The discussion leads to the girls wondering what switching classes would have been like.

Later in the day, Chino leads Sharo and Rize to a new shop that sells school supplies that she found with Megumi and Maya. They mention how trendy and cute the shop is and at first Rize denies wanting anything to do with it until hearing this; then they quickly grab Sharo and make a run for it.

There, the girls admire the several cute items before them. She finds a ballpoint pen but Chino remarks she should think more like someone her age and suggests a cute looking mechanical pencil. In a moment of hypocrisy- she fawns over a refined coffee mill-shaped pencil sharpener Sharo spots. Rize remarks not to understand trendy things, but Sharo offers to lend her a hand and claims its important to fit in at school. She looks around and finds a pink stellad brush pen with glittery ink, along with a Girls' Tempurella that prints cute letters on ribbons, and a liner that can make special letters. While Chino is impressed by this, Rize finds herself overwhelmed and unable to understand.

Eventually the girls decide they are finished and reveal to each other the various items they plan to buy. To their surprise, they all picked a pen with a gold rabbit head on top, each in their own favorite colors. This pleases the girls to see they share things in common; until they realize they also got an Angora Rabbit board, a pink economy-sized notebook, and a grenade-shaped eraser. They deem it a miracle they all got the same pen and leave with that thought in mind.

The trio make their way home when they spot a frightening Chiya. Sharo runs up to make sure she's okay and Chiya reveals the message she got from Cocoa, in that she's made a challenge with her and she wants her at the park at 4:30. The girls are left confused by this serious message; which isn't helped when they find "I'll bring snacks" in a playful tone at the bottom. In order to find out whats going on, the trio hide in a group of bushes while Chiya and Cocoa reunite at the park.

There, Cocoa reveals she honestly didn't even realize they were switching classes at all. She thought Chiya had been questioning whether or not she would make a good big sister, which was why she responded the way she did. Chiya feels much better to realize this, but wonders if she should worry over how she would be as a big sister. Thinking nothing is wrong and they're not acting any different, the trio take off until Cocoa notices them. They watch the girls share some coffee and ask Chino to read the fortunes in them to see how the school day will be. Tippy overlooks them but the girls misunderstand and believe its bad- so they try "Russian Roulette" using a box of mix daifuku. Which ends with them both on the ground in pain from overeating.

However, the trio reminds them that even if they were to be split up it won't mean anything- they can still meet up during breaks, before, and after school. The girls realize they are right and start to think about the various other things they could do as two friends in alternate classes and begin to look forward to it after all.

The following day when school ends, Sharo stands outside of Ama usa An to see how things turned out. She recalls how the girls cheered up but she believes she may still feel sad anyway. She is surprised to see how happy Chiya looks but smiles after she confirms everything to be fine and they head inside.

A day or so later, Cocoa reveals she forgot to do her spring homework and asks for help. Chino realizes this was what Tippy meant with the fortune and the Chino decides to join them so that she can prepare for the following day. When she sits between Rize and Sharo, they all get out their pens and Cocoa notices them. Their answer leaves Chiya and Cocoa confused however.

The next day at school Chino recalls the entire event to Maya and Megumi. None of them knew about changing classes and Maya gets inspired to ask which school they would rather attend: the one Cocoa and Chiya attend, or the one Rize and Sharo go to. Chino admits that she will most-likely end up where Cocoa goes, and Maya reveals she had the same thought before Megumi points out her mother wishes for her to attend Rize's school. The thought surprises them and they all start to worry over ending up at a different school. When class ends, Chino asks if Megumi is ready to head home. When they try to locate Maya, they see her running down the hallway, claiming something came up.

Rize leaves school with Maya pursuing her. She seems alert and yells out, but as it turns out it was just a rabbit. Maya approaches her then, assuming Rize had noticed her, leaving her flustered and refusing to admit she actually didn't know it was her at all. She asks Maya if she had a reason for tailing her like this, but Maya admits she just felt like doing it. She continues to follow after her and Rize buys a Popsicle for Maya while they discuss how she use to follow after people all the time. They walk through the town when Maya brings up something, and Rize offers her expert tips at tailing people. They spot Aoyama and give chase, keeping distance while Rize points out she often somehow winds up wherever they go and she is curious to see how or why.

Unknown to them, Sharo is following them to see what they are doing. She trails the girls as they take cover in a bush- but Maya keeps peaking out of it to try to find out what she is doing, being too short to see. When Rize grabs her and forces her down, Sharo mistakes what they are doing until Aoyama resumes walking. Sharo is in disbelief over this and fears Rize will hate her for doing it. Unknown to her, Aoyama was actually observing her and wished to figure out what she was doing to see if there's material for use in ehr new book. Each group wonders why the other isn't moving and waits for one to make a move; which happens when Sharo realizes she needs to get to work and yells- running off with Aoyama giving chase, along with Maya, and eventually Rize. When Aoyama suddenly trips they help her, but she asks them to follow Sharo. She has noticed her odd behavior lately and reveals Sharo has a stalker, but Rize points out it is actually just her. Aoyama admits to never meaning any harm though, in that she was just doing it to get material for her new book.

As the trio are chatting, Megumi and Chino watch from a distance with a few Popsicle of their own. They are happy to know they weren't picked up by them and decide as a duo they should corner their targets. They get distracted by a rabbit however and walk off until they see Maya and Rize continue. They stop around a corner and Megumi brings up how much fund its been, but Chino misunderstands her comment by saying stalking people has a thrill to it. As it turns out though, Megumi meant that she hasn't really spent time with just Chino before. She's been having fun just being with her, and Chino attempts to say something; only to point out how much her Popsicle has melted. Megumi thanks her since she often drops them, but just then it drops. They watch the ants momentarily but Chino tries to get her to realize they need to hurry and follow after the duo.

As this goes on, Chiya and Cocoa are revealed to have been stalking those two. Chiya asks why they are doing this and Cocoa explains that as a big sister she must keep an eye on her little sisters whenever she feels fit.

At the park, Rize and Maya stop for some gelato and find Sharo working the stand. She reveals to them that she works part-time there and gives them some recommendations. At each set of bushes, the duos hide to watch the other, but Megumi and Chino silently panic, noticing the strange vibe coming from behind them while Cocoa and Chiya attempt to deal with the sweltering heat from wearing heavy disguises.

Rize and Maya sit down and eat when Maya brings up her question again. She asks how her high school is, and Rize compliments that its very nice. She sees that Maya is bothered and attempts to make her feel better by offering advice. Maya admits that she wants to go to the same school as Megumi and Chino, and when she started to think about the possibility of them separating, she decided to come and find Rize since they seem to share similar mindsets. She asks Rize how she would feel, and Rize admits that she usually sees friends from all sorts of grades and schools. Being together all the time isn't what makes them friends, and she is sure she will be fine in the end. Suddenly Chino and Megumi confront them, but after the girls do this, Cocoa and Chiya pop out of their bushes as well. Rize is startled when she realizes Aoyama is right next to them on another bench as well, most-likely to watch Sharo.

Cocoa and Chiya approach Sharo to order some gelato as well, with Sharo wondering why they were dressed up while serving them. Sharo gives all of the girls some gelato and in this time, Maya realizes that maybe being from all sorts of places isn't so bad. Tippy spies on everyone from a corner, admitting that they weren't home yet and he started to worry. Unknown to him, Takahiro was spying on him out of concern.


By order of appearances.

  • Sharo
  • Wild Geese
  • Chiya
  • Cocoa
  • Chino
  • Rize
  • Tippy
  • Maya
  • Megumi
  • Aoyama
  • Takahiro


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