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Cocoa-senpai's Elegant Tea Party Tutorial
S2-4-Title Screen
Kaiten Butō Densetsu Ahiru-tai
Scenario Kazuyuki Hudeyasu
Storyboard Daisuke Eguchi
Staging Daisuke Eguchi
Animation Director Masaru Heiwata
Japanese Air Date

October 31, 2015

Opening No Poi!
Ending Tokimeki Poporon♪
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Cocoa-senpai's Elegant Tea Party Tutorial (ココア先輩の優雅なお茶会チュートリアル?) is the fourth episode of Is the Order a Rabbit?? anime series.


With the school year complete and everyone passing, Cocoa decides to host a Tea Party. To prove how mature they are, Chino, Maya, and Megumi pretend to be grown ups to impress the others. Later, Cocoa finds out her older sister, Mocha, will be coming by to visit her and hurriedly attempts to prove to everyone that she is the perfect older sister before then.


One morning, Chino, Megumi, and Maya are walking home from school. Chino catches one of the falling petals of a sakura tree and elegantly twirls as it falls into her hands. To her surprise they compliment how well she did, but she claims she wasn't trying to do ballet. She claims she was practicing karate, but they find it amusing and watch as a few girls walk by with flowers. Megumi brings up that a ceremony is taking place, and she starts to worry over Cocoa graduating.

Suddenly Cocoa approaches them in tears. The girls calm her down at the park, and there Cocoa claims graduation had made her emotional. She realizes its almost been a year since arriving and they are approached by the other three. They ask her why she was so worked up, and Rize explains they were going to meet up in order to visit a cafe and get some tea, to celebrate moving up a year. They invite the other three to join them, but Maya questions if this means they are cheating on Rabbit House.

At the new cafe, the older four sit at one table while Chino, Maya, and Megumi sit at another. Maya wishes to be grown up and comments that it would be fun to casually invite younger friends out for tea. She suggests Megumi tries it out and she attempts it with Chino - only to come off as a shady figure. The trio laugh before watching how sophisticated Sharo is. They attempt to emulate her to come off as elegant when a woman brings them a set of various cakes. While the girls stare at it in amazement, she reveals Cocoa sent it to them. They thank her before attempting to eat until Megumi reveals you must eat them in order. However, she doesn't know the order in which to eat them and they stress out over not appearing elegant. Chino suggests they copy the others -  but to their surprise, they're not even eating the cakes yet. 

After the girls get the cake set, they quickly watch them to see where they start. Cocoa mistakes their attention however, and she attempts to come off as a smart older sister - with only Chiya playing along until Sharo decides to join. These words go over the younger girls heads, but they attempt to come up with an adult conversation; only for their attempts to come off as adult to be shot down by Cocoa.

It's then Aoyama approaches them, so they ask her about eating the cakes. When she suggests they eat them "normal" they start to question what her idea of normal is. This causes her depression while Cocoa observes them and wonders what they may be speaking of. Chiya attempts to read their lips but causes Cocoa to worry after she misreads them, voicing that they don't respect Cocoa. The trio send Aoyama to observe the older four, but this causes Chiya and Cocoa to start getting tense in an attempt to sound knowledgeable again. The girls decide to emulate Rize by sipping tea, standing the way she did, and trailing her to the bathroom. But after she catches them, the girls admit they needed help knowing which order to eat the tea set in. She claims they didn't need to put much thought into it though, and to just enjoy themselves while remembering their manners.

The trio return to the tables with Rize, to see the other three forming one big table. Cocoa announces they will draw to see who gets which seat and they agree. Although Rize checks to make sure she didn't rig it first. In the end, the seating starts with Megumi, Maya, Sharo, Rize, Cocoa, Chiya, and Chino. While everyone is happy, Cocoa is disappointed she didn't get to sit with the younger girls. While having their tea, the trio bring up Chiya and Cocoa's earlier discussion and ask to know more about it - causing them a moment of shock while Rize thinks over how it served them right for showing off.

Later in the day, the seven girls make their way home. Cocoa promises to try harder to mature into a better older sister. She attempts to show this with Chino - but her plan only causes Chino to run from her. After getting home she reaches her room to find a letter from Mocha, her older sister.

The following morning, Chino gets up and knocks on Cocoa's door to inform her its time to get up. After she doesn't get a response she steps inside to find a huge lump under the blanket. She tries to wake Cocoa up and pulls it off to find stuffed animals there. It's then Cocoa approaches from behind her, startling Chino as she notes her strange behavior. She notes the burnt breakfast Cocoa prepared, and Cocoa reveals her plans to help Chino figure out their earlier question.

The strange behavior continues later on as the girls work. They watch Cocoa briskly pet Tippy, greet customers and show them to their seat, and clean. They even notice her part in her hair is different and wonder if she is a fake, so they test her out by making Chino "floofy" by holding several stuffed animals. Cocoa struggles to avoid the display and quickly turns while covering her eyes, telling them they have to keep working.

As Rize carries some dishes, the girls worry for Cocoa when they find her on the floor. She passes out after informing them her older sister is coming and they get her an ice pack. Cocoa explains her desire to come off as responsible and a good big sister when Mocha arrives. She is really nice, and out of the youngest of four siblings she wants to come off as mature and able to handle herself. Rize agrees to lend her a hand, but claims she isn't a sister for Cocoa.

Later, the trio pay Chiya and Sharo a visit. When they ask for help, Sharo shows how she is able to easily calm down Chino - who is still in shock over earlier. Cocoa attempts to repeat her, but only frustrates her and Tippy. Chiya then ask that if Rize and Chino act clumsy, Cocoa may come off as responsible. Rize refuses at first, but slowly gives in and agrees to try. Chiya plays the role of the customer and the girls attempt to play clumsy and call for Cocoa to help them. This ends quickly when Cocoa burst into tears, upset to see them acting out of character.

They enlist the help of Megumi and Maya, who quickly check the premises for dirt. Maya scolds Coco for doing poor, while Megumi treats her like a dog by asking her to play fetch. As Rize asks why they are doing this, Cocoa reveals her desire to play with her little sisters. So the girls join together to make several requests, such as getting help or asking for things. They do very well, while the other three simply watch.

Back at Rabbit House, Cocoa makes drinks for everyone. They are surprised to find the latte art inside and compliment her job well done. They take this as a sign she must have matured and Cocoa decides she wishes to try even fancier things. While happy, Chino claims she still has a long way to go as a big sister.

After closing Ama Usa An, Chiya and Sharo discuss things with each other. Sharo is convinced she wouldn't make a good big sister, but Chiya believes in her. Sharo claims Cocoa should just be herself, and they remark on how much happier Chino is. Chiya wonders if Sharo is worried over them - but Sharo claims opposite.

Meanwhile, Chino's dad and Tippy chat with each other while they work the bar shift. They discuss her older sister stopping by as well and begin to bicker.

The next day, the girls determine that Cocoa's sister is probably arriving at the station now. The letter revealed her plans to find the Cafe herself and they note how quiet Cocoa has become. They try to snap her out of her anxiety while Chino starts to wonder what Cocoa's older sister is like.

Elsewhere, on a train, an older girl sits by herself while observing the scenery. She sees the town in the distance and happily smiles.


By order of appearances.

  • Chino
  • Megumi
  • Maya
  • Cocoa
  • Rize
  • Sharo
  • Chiya
  • Aoyama
  • Takahiro
  • Mocha (Cameo)


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