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The Legendary Twirl Dancing Duck Squad
S2-03-Title Screen
Kaiten Butō Densetsu Ahiru-tai
Scenario Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
Storyboard Son Seung-Hui
Staging Son Seung-Hui
Animation Director Takurō Sakurai,Mari Shirakawa,Shōko Yasuda,Shunryō Yamamura,Masahiro Shimizu
Japanese Air Date

October 24, 2015

Opening No Poi!
Ending Tokimeki Poporon♪
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The Legendary Twirl Dancing Duck Squad (回転舞踏伝説アヒル隊?) is the third episode of Is the Order a Rabbit?? anime series.


To prepare for the upcoming Fine Arts Month event, Chino, Megumi, and Maya attempt to draw and learn to dance in time for the event. However, Chino feels less-than encouraged with her own skills so the others try to encourage her to reach for her goals.


In Art Class, Chiya and Cocoa do self portraits of each other. Chiya isn't very confident in her art skills, but wishes she was so that she could make her Cafe menu a bit fancier. Cocoa decides to borrow this idea but struggles to think of anything for Rabbit House - other than a single cup of coffee.

The girls leave school and chat about art until Cocoa spots Chino with Megumi and Maya and runs up to them. After she embraces the trio, they ask what they were up to. Maya explains that at their school, it is Fine Arts Month, a time when a creative dance recital is held, along with a sketching contest. Chino is concerned because hse isn't confident in her art skills, but the girls try to encourage her to be more confident. Cocoa uses her fingers to demonstrate the type of idea she would use, explaining the scenery to be a good image, but she gets distracted after spotting a rabbit. She freaks out after it starts peeing, and Megumi chats with Chiya by complimenting her appearance and commenting that she would be a great model to draw. Maya voices her desire to draw one of the Coffee Shops and Chiya offers to decorate the shop, and herself for the both of them. With that she takes off, leaving Cocoa to trail behind the other three.

They begin to chat about the creative dance, and they admit their plans to do it together, but they haven't come up with the choreography just yet. They suddenly come across Fleur De Lapin and Chino comments that it looks really difficult to draw. Maya claims it to be easy though, because once you get the "perspective" down, it isn't much of a problem. However, as it turns out none of them know what the word means.

Inside the shop, a blonde-haired girl finds the four of them all posed with their pencil. Maya explains it is used for all artists, but reconsiders her idea to try drawing the building by settling for something easier, like fruit or a vase. Megumi suggests they try to pick something interesting from Rabbit House - like the gramophone or Coffee Mil and they resume heading over.

After they sit down, Maya comments that she isn't sure if there is a reason to do this pose anymore and Rize teases her a bit. But when she sees Megumi proceed to take her words to heart, she is quick to explain that doing it allows the artist to observe the size of their drawing object. With that, Chino observes Tippy for a moment before the trio attempt to draw him. They ask him not to move, but when they finish they're not at all happy with their drawings due to how plain it looks. Maya asks if Tippy can change forms and they start to imagine Tippy as a feathery, winged creature.

They observe their drawings again when Chino asks Rize to try to draw something since she's such a good artist. She quickly sketches a picture of Tippy and they quickly fawn over it, asking her to lend them a hand. Cocoa watches with rejection before she comments on Chino's drawing, while Rize comments on Maya's. This leaves Megumi feeling a bit down over how plain her own looks. Chino compliments how much she enjoys her drawing though, while Maya claims "normality" can be good with art too. They sit down and try to draw something else, when suddenly a Aoyama gives them some words of encouragement. She speaks with Chino when suddenly, Cocoa feels inspired to put praise into her older-sister efforts. She brings the girls some drinks and Chino comments that she seems a bit responsible today. Cocoa hangs up the various drawings, but Chino insists its only for a little bit, while Maya and Megumi express a bit of concern over their pictures of Sharo they did earlier that day.

Chino shows the drawing she did of Rabbit House to Rize and Cocoa a bit later, and both of them are amazed by how well it turned out. They note the comments the teacher wrote, but as it turns out she got a low score on it.

That evening, Tippy observes the images they hung up. He seems impressed, then criticizes the "uniqueness" of one of them.

The next day Maya chastises her friends for not coming up with a Choreography for their dance yet. Chino admits that she isn't athletic though and can't do very much, but she tells them to get up so that they can do some warm ups. They turn on a random song and begin to do rabbit jumps, then Maya shows them some dances she knows before criticizing Megumi for being pretty clumsy, while Chino won't even try to dance. Chino reveals she brought a CD, one that belonged to her dad and they turn it on. They hear something quiet and gentle and agree to do it, commenting on how nice it sounds. Megumi seems to be able to feel the flow of the song, only to grow embarrassed after she stops. Maya explains that her mother is a ballet instructor so she learned through her, then points out she also took lessons growing up. This shocks Chino and they wonder if she could possibly learn some in time for the dance. Maya is sure it will be fun, and Megumi is sure her mother could teach them.

At work, Chino practices her tip-toe walking and explains her plans to take up ballet. She assures Tippy she is only doing it for the Dance, but they get distracted when Cocoa calls Chiya to tell her about Chino suddenly growing taller.

Chino is disappointed to learn just how hard Ballet is. Megumi tells her to avoid overdoing it, but Maya's words only cause her to panic and fear she could never become a beautiful dancing swan like her friends. Megumi reveals neither she or Maya are wearing them however, and they resume practice.

After a few days they comment on how much Chino has improved before she realizes Cocoa came with Tippy to watch her. She reveals to them the several items she brought for them to eat and suddenly they get an idea to in-cooperate a Cafe theme into their dance; although they're not entirely sure if they plan on doing it or not.

Rize comes by to deliver some snacks and drinks for the girls later on - but to her shock she sees that Cocoa has decided to join them. Chiya and Sharo also show up - and quickly both Sharo and Rize decide to join in, which shocks Maya to see how good they are at it despite not taking nearly as many lessons. She makes Chiya and Cocoa show them how good they are as well, but this winds up being a huge mistake and they screw up. So Rize takes Sharo and tries to show them what they were supposed to do; which Sharo does well with until she trips from spinning too much. She is too happy to feel bad about it though.

It's then Megumi's mother asks if they would like to join her class, but Rize refuses, due to being busy with work. Sharo also turns it down due to not having the money for it, which she quickly covers up by saying she is too busy. In the mean time Maya takes over and tries to help Cocoa and Chiya, while Megumi takes Cocoa. As Rize and Sharo walk away from the others, preparing to leave, they are shocked to watch Cocoa walk backwards suddenly and remark that Maya just taught her the moonwalk. Watching them causes Megumi to laugh a bit before they resume, and Maya comments that she hasn't really been this happy for a while. She reveals that Megumi has stage fright and quit dancing when she got embarrassed to dance in front of others. Chino finds this confusing since she seems to be really good at it - but suddenly, Maya recalls that they never settled on their Choreography.

At Rabbit House, Chino returns. She reveals how the recital went, then claims it will probably go better the next year. They are confused that Tippy is in tears over what he saw but she claims he is simply being over dramatic while Rize mentions he probably missed her a lot since she's been away from work. With that Cocoa decides to show them something new she learned; only to crash into the wall. Chino reveals that she is able to do it however, causing Rize to comment that maybe one day she really will be able to gain a pair of toe shoes.


By order of appearances.
  • Cocoa
  • Chiya
  • Chino
  • Maya
  • Megumi
  • Sharo
  • Rize
  • Tippy


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  • The title comes from "Twirl Dancing" as Ballet, and Duck, as a reference to Ballerina, who are often referred to as Swans.

Major EventsEdit

  • The main cast takes up ballet (temporarily)


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