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Her Smile And Flash Are Annoying, That's My So-Called Older Sister
S2-01-Title Screen
笑顔とフラッシュがやかましい これが私の自称姉です
Kaiten Butō Densetsu Ahiru-tai
Scenario Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
Storyboard Daisuke Eguchi
Staging Daisuke Eguchi
Animation Director Takahiro Sasaki
Japanese Air Date

October 10, 2015

Opening No Poi!
Ending Tokimeki Poporon♪
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The Ash-Colored Rabbit and the Ash Princess

Her Smile And Flash Are Annoying, That's My So-Called Older Sister (笑顔とフラッシュがやかましい これが私の自称姉です?) is the first episode of Is the Order a Rabbit? anime series.


Cocoa decides to send some photographs back home of her life working at Rabbit House, but she finds it difficult when Chino refuses to smile; meanwhile, Chino is depressed over Rabbit House not getting any sort of mention in a magazine so her Father attempts to make her feel better.


One day, Chino returns home from shopping. She steps inside to find Rize and Cocoa waiting for her. As they prepare for work Cocoa discusses her plan to get some photos of everyone to send back home. When she attempts to get a picture of Chino, she finds herself unable to smile for Cocoa. She is quick to say they should hurry before Rize gets angry, then runs off, leaving a confused Cocoa behind.

Later Cocoa resumes - but she is only able to get Tippy and various blurs. She insists the picture is fine, then moves onto Rize, who gladly poses for the image upon Cocoa's instructions. While she takes glittering images - Rize is quick to demand she deletes the pictures, then Cocoa once again tries to get Chino to smile. She comes up with excuses to leave and runs off again, with Rize suggesting to Cocoa that she doesn't rush or push her too much.

As Chino returns to the main room she stops for a moment to observe a window. But when she attempts to smile she feels strangely and quickly forces herself to quit while Tippy watches.

On their way home from school later on, Cocoa and Chiya discuss her plans. They take a few scenery pictures of each other, and Cocoa compliments how well she did. Chiya then brings up the magazine article that she contributed to earlier, then continues to pose for Cocoa as she inflates her ego. After they get to their homes and change, Cocoa heads back over to Ama Usa and resumes taking pictures. She explains that her mother enjoys kimono, so she tells her to remain realistic while she works. After she finishes, Cocoa brings up that its almost been a year since she met Chino - and yet she refuses to smile. Chiya suggests that like Rize said earlier, she shouldn't try to rush or force Chino, however she also offers to lend her a hand.

At Lapin, Cocoa tries to get pictures of Sharo but she gets flustered. She gives her some tips to appear more elegant, then takes a few pictures before stopping to enjoy some cake and tea. She tells Sharo her concerns and Sharo tells her to try taking "candid pictures", but Cocoa is sure she would notice it. Sharo notes that Cocoa tried to force her, then Cocoa begs to give Sharo money and a cool photo of Rize if she gets the picture for her. Sharo is tempted but only for a second.

Back at Rabbit House, Chino continues to refuse to cooperate. Even when Cocoa begs her, she refuses until Rize convinces her to try a little. Chino agrees, but she continues to hesitate and get flustered. Rize offers to take a picture of Chino and Cocoa together and agrees to try it out, and Cocoa offers to pose like Chino so that she doesn't need to smile. Rize takes a photo, but the girls are displeased with the result. Cocoa resumes begging Chino and to their surprise Chino smiles while observing the picture. But when Rize advises Cocoa to take the picture, she is surprised to find her gone. It's then Rize tries to tickle Chino to make her smile - but she is quick to stop, worried she did something strange.

Cocoa then reappears with Chiya and they decide to try to take a comedic route to make Chino perk up. However, when she smiles just even a little bit they quickly get the picture; although Rize is convinced it is nothing more than a sneer.Later, the girls tensely observe the magazine. They find that Ama Usa is featured in it and read over it, but Sharo doesn't see a point in them being in there since its only relevant to Chiya. She claims to have been too anxious to look at it on her own, so they continue to look at it. Rize remarks that the article looks small but Chiya claims it to be fine. They then note that Fleur de Lapin is also in the magazine, and Chiya is disappointed that its larger than her article. Disappointed, Chiya and Tippy remark that Rabbit House wasn't featured though.

Suddenly, Aoyama steps into the Cafe. She comments that she does gourmet reports as well and reveals her article, and to their surprise they find an image of Rize out shopping. She admits that she forgot about it, and they spot the bakery that belongs to Cocoa's family. She is shocked, but suddenly they notice Tippy has began to cry. As this is going on, Sharo longingly observes the picture of Rize. Chiya offers to cut it out for her since she knows she can't waste the money on it. But Sharo is accidentally embarrassed after she incidentally shows the wrong image to Rize while speaking of her feelings.

Aoyama has a seat at one of the tables, but a chair suddenly breaks after she sits down. She fears she is being punished for not working, and Chino is alarmed upon realizing how run-down the cafe is. Sharo claims this isn't the case though - because everything has history and precious memories. Aoyama and Chiya assure her that these words are true, when suddenly something rings. Rize runs over to answer it and returns a moment later to announce that if they don't have enough customers her fathers subordinates offered to stop by.

The next morning Chino speaks with Megumi and Maya, who are convinced she will someday be published in the magazine. However, they start to worry that something bad might happen to her until they change the subject by asking if she would get to have an interview with the magazine people. Chino is sure they would speak to her father, but they decide to continue pretending to act as various roles for Chino to practice with.

Later in the day, Cocoa is approached by Chino's father. He starts to speak to her about the magazine and Chino's troubles while Chino sadly observes a picture Cocoa took earlier. She wonders if maybe her smiling may effect things, and using the window she attempts to force a smile. Suddenly, Cocoa comes in with a rabbit hand puppet. She uses it to speak to Chino in hopes it will make her feel better, then brings up what her dad said. She is sure it will make her smile.

The next day, Cocoa reveals what it is. They open a magazine to find an article about Chino's Grandfather and working hard to open Rabbit House. Rize is frustrated to see they confused the trio for sisters, but Cocoa tries to deny having anything to do with it while Chino observes the large article.

Later, as the sun sets Cocoa mails the letter to her parents and heads home. She changes and gets ready to work, but stops to show the photo frame she got earlier, from the back shelf. Chino is quick to claim its silly looking since she made it back when she was younger, but Cocoa convinces her that it's alright. Chino takes it up to her bedroom after changing for bed and slowly begins to smile while she remembers giving the frame to her parents and sets it aside.


  • Chino
  • Rize
  • Cocoa
  • Tippy
  • Chiya
  • Anko
  • Sharo
  • Aoyama
  • Takahiro

By order of appearances.

Trivia Edit


Major EventsEdit

  • All three Cafe are published in a magazine.
  • Cocoa's home is revealed.


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