Chino KafūEdit

Cocoa desperately wishes that Chino would recognize her as a big sister figure. Although Chino rarely complies with her wish, Cocoa still likes to imagine Chino is her little sister regardless. She is very loving and gentle with Chino, which is usually met with sarcasm or an insult instead of her desired reaction. 

Due to her closeness with Chino, Cocoa can get jealous if others manage to steal her attention in a sisterly way. Cocoa is also likely to take things said by Chino a lot harder than she would with others.


Rize TedezaEdit


Chiya UjimatsuEdit

Quickly the girls portrayed a "best friend" relationship. They share many things in common, from opinions to minor personality traits or ideas. They share a similar wavelength.


Sharo KirimaEdit

Cocoa has the ideal that Sharo is a very wealthy and rich girl, even when Sharo tried to claim that wasn't the case. She generally enjoys Sharo's company.


Maya Jōga and Megumi NatsuEdit

She enjoys the company of both of Chino's friends and considers them to be "little sisters" as well. She appears to get along well with Megumi, who enjoys being doted on by her.


Mocha HotoEdit

She is very close and initially dependent on her older sister, but she tries to act mature around her as of late. She developed her sister-complex from her.


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