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Chino Kafū
Is the Order a Rabbit - 01 03.35
香風(かふう) 智乃(ちの)
Kafū Chino
Birthday December 4th
Gender Female
Inori Minase
Manga Is the Order a Rabbit? Manga Volume 1
Anime Is the Order a Rabbit? Bunnisode 1

Chino Kafū (香風 智乃 Kafū Chino?) is one of the main protagonists of the Is the Order a Rabbit? manga series as well as its anime series.



Chino has long pastel blue hair with horizontal bangs, with a black cross-style hair band on each side of her head. She has relaxed blue eyes and appears to be the shortest character in the cast.

Her work outfit is a blue variant of the Rabbit House Café's uniform: a long ankle-length black skirt, white blouse, waistcoat, and bow tie. Her school uniform is a royal blue sailor-style ensemble with a matching blue sailor hat.


Chino acts far more maturely than her biological age, and is normally the most responsible and organized member of the Rabbit House Café. She takes her work very seriously and gets annoyed when people act recklessly or loudly around her. Due to this, she resents being treated like a child; although there are times when she can appear childish mentally.

She has a reserved and emotionless disposition, rarely smiling even when happy, and she speaks in a flat monotone voice with polite vocabulary and grammar. She cares for her friends and feels comfortable around them.



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Kafū ChinoKapuchīno (カプチーノ?) which means "Cappuccino".


  • "I'm a-a.. Kawaii desu !! I hate everyone."
  • "I hate people so much.
  • " Fuu--"
  • " Kafu Chino desu. Shourai no yume wa rippana Barista desu. "


  • Chino is jealous of Cocoa's social skills and her smile.
  • Chino's hobby is to make ships in a bottle.
  • Chino's drawing style is cubism, as shown in Eps. 3 Season 2.


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