Chimame Chronicle logo

Logo of chimame Chronicle

Chimame Chronicle was a gochiusa RPG game which was released on 1 April 2017 (April Fools' Day).

The protagonist of Chimame Chronicle was Chimame-Tai (Chino,Maya and Megu).

The game possessed two main features ─ Quest List and Gacha.

Chimame Chronicle Interface

Chimame Chronicle Interface

Quest ListEdit

Chimame Chronicle quest

Quest was not available on the first day of release because the guild (Rabbit House) was on holiday.


Chimame Chronicle coffee stone

On the first day of release, players had unlimited of coffee stone such that players could roll as much as they can.

The gacha pool contained 13 cards which are shown below.


Players can get one of four wallpapers if they manage to roll 3 gold Tippy Coin in Gacha.


  • Chimame Chronicle was the third gochiusa April fools joke, after Mahou Shoujo Chino (2015) and Phantom Thief Lapin (2016).

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